Product Information

In the first stage, SierraMin is planning to produce dry beneficiated bauxite by installing crusher, dryer and appropriate sizes of vibrating screens to remove 5 to 10mm fines rich in Kaolinite content. The general specification of this dry beneficiated bauxite is presented in the table given below.

Specification of Dry Processed Bauxite of SierraMin

Items Dry Beneficiated BauxiteTypical DSO
Chemical (% w/w)%
Total Alumina (Al2O3)44-46
Total Silica (SiO2) 3.0-4.0
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)22-26
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)2-3
Loss on Ignition (LOI)22.5-23.5
Available Alumina 38-40
Boehmitic Alumina 0.2-0.4
Reactive Silica3-3.5
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 0.013
Assumed Moisture (%) 6-8%
Mineralogical (% w/w, dry basis)  
Gibbsite (Al2O3.3H2O)55-60
Boehmite (Al2O3.H2O)0.2-0.5
Kaolin (Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O)6.0-8.0
Quartz (SiO2)0.5-1.0

In the second phase (say after 2 years of DSO export), wet beneficiation system will be installed at Central pad and much better quality washed bauxite will be available for export.