SierraMin Bauxite Limited is currently developing a bauxite mine and associated export facilities in the Port Loko license.

This bauxite bearing belt covers an area of 375 km2 in the Port Loko District, which is located inthe Northern Province of Sierra Leone. There is a potential of more than 300 million tons of bauxite in this belt, however, based on exploration work carried out by SierraMin till 2016, SRK estimated 99 million tons of JORC compliant resources in limited area of this bauxite deposit. Project enjoys an excellent infrastructure facility and a developed iron ore jetty is located just 20km from the bauxite deposits.

Bauxite with average thickness of 5m occurs in low lying plateaus and hillocks with low overburden (<2m), which canbe easily mined by simple excavators without any drilling-blasting. ROM requires dry or wet beneficiation to eliminate a part of silica (kaolinite) rich fines to produce quality ore for export. These are gibbisitc bauxite with high alumina (above 45%) and medium silica (below 4%) contents.

Our objectives are as follows

Bauxite Mines and Processing

To develop world class bauxite mines and processing facility

Infrastructure and Export

Develop local infrastructure and exclusive jetty for bauxite export

Export Quality

Export quality bauxite to low temperature alumina refineries all over the world

Economical Development

Generate local employment and contribute in the economical development of Sierra Leone.