Infrastructure & Roads

The Port Loko bauxite deposits are positioned very close to the Rokel River, a river capable ofbarging bauxite for off-shore trans-shipment.

The deposits position, coupled with the potentialavailability of an existing unused river port, places the project location to be very favourablefrom an infrastructure and logistics perspective and provides an opportunity for fast-tracking intoproduction, ahead of many other bauxite projects located in West Africa.

It is planned to bring all the mined bauxite from various blocks to the central processing pad, where ROM will be stored and sun-dried. The dry and wet beneficiation processing systems will be installed at this central pad with provision to systematically dispose the bauxite tailings in the low lying areas and / or backfill the mining pits. As shown in Figure ,the central pad is located within 5 to 10km radius of various bauxite deposits of SierraMin.

After dry / wet beneficiation product will be transferred to jetty, which is connected by developed all weather road of about 20km.